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Simon Sinek on complacent people

Being a Scrum Master can be a thankless job depending on where you work. For those who are transitioning to become a coach in a new organization, the story is not much different, especially if the organization has not been vetted properly. Simon Sinek is someone who really inspires me. In the video below, I

Large Scale Scrum Talk by Bas Vodde

More often than not, I wonder as an agile coach, what really is the best way to scale Scrum or Kanban or whatever it is for something the entire organization can adopt. Part of truly being agile involves empowering the teams. One framework which allows for this to happen is known as Large Scale Scrum

How do we start to use Story Points?

Gather a bunch of stories that were finished in a single sprint with the following criteria: Follow the steps below in silence. No conversation will be needed until you are closer to the end of the process. You will be surprised at how much can be completed without conversation and how much faster things can