A CSP’s Growth Path

In June of 2016, I had the opportunity to speak with then CEO of Scrum Alliance, Inc. Manny Gonzalez.  He has a really awesome presence and very eloquent in his style of response to any questions addressed to him.

This was before the new certification called Certified Team Coach was available. I knew and still know that achieving the Coach and Trainer certification are journeys in themselves. So, I wanted to know what other options a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) had beyond the Scrum Master jobs out there.

With the creation of the Certified Team Coach (CTC) in place, they have now created a path for folks to move from CSP to CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach), via the CTC. That’s a lot of certifications, I know. But I am seeing that there are more organizations, which are looking for these certifications and recognizing them. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of organizations, which don’t know the difference and just want someone who can gel well with their culture and don’t care about the certifications.

The conversation in the video below was what one could do if on the way to getting a CTC at this point. It’s really important to follow an existing coach and learn the nuances of Scrum. Many people get certified as a Scrum Master and don’t understand the mindset behind the Agile way. Empowerment is huge, but most companies are not set up for it. Look for a good company to work at, by being very clear with your questions in an interview. Ask all the hard questions you want and most importantly be honest with yourself about whether the organization culture is a good fit for you while they look at you as a good fit for their culture.

It’s important to understand that each individual continue to look for a path to entrepreneurship no matter what level you are at. This will help give you the freedom to break free from any specific organization that is not willing/wanting to change. The focus of this video is more on CSP as an entrepreneur.

Question you can ask future perspective Agile Transformation organizations are:
To the Development Managers: There is a mindset in the industry now, where people say developers can do testing and vice-versa. What is your opinion? You are remaining neutral and giving the manager the opportunity to open up.

To the VP of Product: In terms of commitment to the organization shift, where is the organization with commitments on delivery dates of work items and how much leeway do we have with moving the timelines to pushing out future timelines so the teams can learn the process? Get a clear understanding of what level of commitment the organization has given its clients, consider opportunities where the organization is willing to slow down, but after some time.

To the VP of Engineering: There are changes which some are not on board with, how committed are you with having the teams make the decisions instead of the Managers, and having the managers become enablers? Are you comfortable with any form of attrition based on the organizational change after all possible avenues have been attempted? Understand that you are asking someone that he might have to let go of people who had possibly dedicated years to the organization. Understand that the ask you have put on the table is about changing the culture in the organization.

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