Certified Agile Leadership with Pete Behrens

There are many certification courses out there. One, out of which, I did get to learn quite a bit was the Certified Agile Leadership course. It really does help when having a conversation with a leader or even an engineering team member about how to grow within oneself and what the culture in an organization should really try to aspire toward. The work in this course help understand how one grows as a leader and how they coach others to become coaches themselves. The course goes over the subtleties in communication through participants acting out little skits and then do a little discussion around the conversation from the skit.

In addition, the participants have the opportunities to talk about bit about the issues they are having at their own organization. There was a good mix of people who were at the agile coach level and many who were about to embark on the agile journey. One of the exercises helped the participants identify the type of organizations they will are working with (i.e. Controlling, Collaborative, etc.) Another exercise helps individuals understand where they are in their leadership journey (i.e. Skilled, Coaching, somewhere in the middle, etc.)

Once there is clarity on where folks are in their leadership journey, and the type of organization is identified, the class helps participants understand how other organizations have grown through their own ways to become more agile. A good takeaway is that, every organization may take a different approach. What’s important is how we measure the growth in the agile journey. It is really important that we measure the right metrics. If organizations continue to focus on the wrong kinds of KPIs, we might miss out on the really important things because numbers don’t always show the truth in the Gemba.

Sometimes it is important that we not let accounting, or finance, or sales make the decisions. Ideally we should be thinking as a whole organization with all parts understanding each other. When you have skilled leadership heading up individual departments, there is a good chance they might feel pressed to drive the organization in a direction they see fit based on their area of skill. At that point just asking a team to be agile or organization to go agile, won’t really work. It is important to tie in the agile implementation with the culture of the organization.

Here’s a video of where Pete Behrens speaks about the need for this course. Again, I am not being paid for this blogpost, I just do it because I think it will really help a lot of folks. You can visit his website: http://trailridgeconsulting.com/

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